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2018 was the year that was celebrated as 100-years since women won the vote. However, most women could still not vote after this change in legislation and, although yes it was a giant leap, we realise that there were still problems back in 1918 and there are definitely still issues now.

We became aware that Preston, unlike other cities, did not have a feminist club or society for everybody to get involved with and we wanted to change this. We set out clear rules from the get go - this would be intersectional and absolutely no “white feminism” would be allowed. This way there would be a community of all genders, religions, races and ages that could get together and feel safe and comfortable.

Our aim with the Feminist Club Preston, although still very new, is to bring people together in healthy discussion, set up events that can push towards change, teach and grow.

Preston is a beautiful city with so much history, and a lot of that history revolves around revolution and change. Suffragettes were born and bred in Preston, activists made Preston their home and a shift in the way the city is funded has been making headlines all over the UK.



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